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What does it mean to partner with us?

SympathyGiftShop.com will provide your organization with a 24/7 online
sympathy gift shop and toll free phone number.

The sign up process is simple and quick too! Once you sign up, we'll take care of:
  • managing and operating your secure online gift shop
  • performing credit card transactions
  • handling all customer service phone calls and emails
  • preparing and delivering orders
  • sending your organization a monthly commission check!

Why partner with SympathyGiftShop.com?

SympathyGiftShop.com is the most recognized funeral home gift and flower website in the United States. Unlike traditional flower shops and wire services, SympathyGiftShop.com was founded to increase customer and staff satisfaction by assisting friends and family in honoring the life of a loved one. We focus on providing the best and broadest selection of flower arrangements and gifts that are environmentally appropriate for delivery to your funeral home. Many mortuaries and cemeteries across the nation are partnering with SympathyGiftShop.com!

Where is your service available?

We cover the entire United States. So no matter what city you're located SympathyGiftShop.com will be able to cater to your online e-commerce needs!

Ready to Launch Your Store? Email or call us today!
[email protected] // 1-877-887-5451


Sympathy Partners (Mortuaries, Cemeteries, Faith Based Locations)

Our Sympathy Partners online shops process and deliver orders directly from on-site gift shop inventory, from fresh local vendor partners, or from other off-site vendor partners. Partner funeral homes benefit directly from online sales.

Here are a few examples of our Sympathy Partner's online gift shops (click the links below to view their online stores).

Non-Partner/Non-Affiliate Sympathy Deliveries

SympathyGiftShop.com also provides delivery service to all other mortuaries, cemeteries, faith based locations, homes and offices in the United States that are not partnered with or affiliated with us. For these locations, customers may look up the addresses of these locations in our easy to use directory or you may cut and paste the address from your preferred online search. Our online shop processes and delivers these orders from off-site vendor partners. Non-partner organizations do not benefit directly from online sales.

*It is important to note that SympathyGiftShop.com provides delivery service to all mortuaries, cemeteries and faith based locations in our database but may not be directly affiliated with all of these organizations. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.